Carrington Homes

Announcing 2 New Housing Developments in Hinckley

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Doug Krause of Carrington Development and John Sumodi of Legacy Homes have opened up The Ledges at Stone Creek, a new development off Route 303 in Hinckley.  They are also developing the former Skyland Golf Course into The Trails at Redwood Falls ... 97 fully improved choice home sites complete with a 100+ acre conservation area, walking trails, clubhouse, scenic lakes and waterfall.



Both developments offer an upscale environment in a beautiful, scenic country setting.

They plan for houses in the development to range in pricing from $700 to more than $2 million. 

"There's a smattering of high-end homes mixed in with more moderately priced homes around Hinckley," Krause said.  "Hinckley has very few lots available for higher-end homes.  These developments just made a lot of sense."

Trustee Ray Schultz said he is pleased Krause is involved with the project.  "I think we may have hit a home run on this one because he gets it," Schulte said.  "He understands what the residents want to see in a development."

Schulte said some residents have expressed concerns about the ecological and environmental impact of the development, worrying that wetlands and the natural flow of three streams in the development could be altered as the houses and infrastructure are built.  However, he said Krause is very sensitive to these concerns.

"His whole ambition is to put houses in places that do not disturb the environment," Schulte said.  According to this website, Carrington uses "green building" practices to lessen the environmental impact of the homes they build.

These developments are the second and third collaborative projects between Carrington Homes and Legacy Homes, thus Legacy-Carrington.  Both of these builders have a wealth of experience, knowledge and expertise so we can expect nothing but the best with both of these new neighborhoods in beautiful Hinckley, Ohio.

Portions of the above information are reprinted from an article in The Hinckley Record, June 2016.