Carrington Homes

Land Development

Successful property development begins with a vision, followed by prudent planning and precise implementation.  Carrington Homes’ vision for residential construction, is that its homes should have character and be compatible with both the land upon which the subdivision will be constructed and the surrounding land uses.  We do our utmost to preserve mature trees, riparian buffers, and other attractive topographical features to enhance the natural surroundings of our finished homes.


Carrington Homes offers the landowner interested in developing his or her property several options. First, Carrington Homes looks for landowners who are interested in selling their property for single-family residential construction.  Second, Carrington Homes is looking for landowners who desire to develop their property, but lack the time, resources, and/or experience to bring their residential subdivision concept to fruition.  Carrington Homes offers such landowners a one-stop shop for all of their subdivision needs.


For landowners looking to develop their land, Carrington Homes’ prudent planning and precise implementation of the development vision begins with a development agreement with the landowner that typically provides for Carrington Homes to perform the following functions on behalf of the landowner:

1.     Laying out the subdivision on the land, taking into account the appropriate density for aesthetic reasons and to provide a healthy economic return to the landowner.  The unique characteristics of the land are always considered in the layout of the subdivision.

2.     Processing all applications for necessary approvals and permits for the subdivision, including, without limitation, all Plan Commission approvals, City Council approvals, Board of Zoning Appeals approvals, Army Corp. of Engineer approvals and permits, County Health and Engineering Department approvals, Ohio Department of Transportation approvals, and Utility Provider approvals.  Carrington Homes would attend all public hearings and respond to all requests for information.

3.     Coordinating a preliminary design of all infrastructure improvements using the latest in Auto CAD design programs, including storm water

drainage lines and detention ponds, streets, sidewalks, culverts, and utility systems. Coordinating the final design and certification of all improvement and grading plans and the transfer of information from such plans onto the land with stakes, hubs, monuments and flagging.


4.     Preparing a detailed proforma and budget for the construction of the subdivision.

5.     Preparing all subdivision documents, such as utility easements, grading and drainage easements, the Declaration of Easements, Restrictions and Covenants, the bylaws or code of regulations for the homeowner’s association and the formation documents of the homeowner’s association.

6.     Preparing a detailed scope of work and submitting bid packages to qualified contractors for the construction of all subdivision improvements.  All bids are reviewed and a detailed comparison of the bids (together with Carrington Homes’ recommendation) will be provided to the landowner for review and approval.

7.     Obtaining information from construction lenders for the financing of subdivision improvements and providing a detailed analysis to the landowner of the terms and conditions of the financing opportunities available to the landowner.

8.     Preparing a detailed critical date path schedule for the construction of all subdivision improvements.  Reviewing all tree-clearing plans and supervising all clearing to insure that desirable trees are protected to the extent possible for the benefit of future homeowners.  Coordinating and supervising subdivision improvement construction and updating the landowner on a regular basis.

9.     Preparing the marketing materials for the subdivision.  Engage the services of a licensed real estate broker to list and market the subdivision.  Receiving and evaluating offers for the purchase of sublots on a pre-approved form lot sales contract and providing recommendations to the landowner with respect to same.

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