Carrington Homes

Krause Recently Appointed to Medina HBA Board

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Late in 2013, the Medina County Board of Directors approached and asked Douglas Krause, President of Carrington Homes, to join their Board of Directors.  As an active association in the building industry in Medina County and neighboring areas, the Board felt that Doug Krause possessed a unique and valuable set of skills to help this association continue its' strong growth in the Medina County residential construction community.

Doug has been working with the Medina County HBA Board to put together a contract for builder members to use, along with the Association warranty, to give Medina County homebuyers peace of mind when building with a Medina County HBA Builder member.  Doug's legal background has been invaluable in making sure this document is legally fair and accurate. 

The Medina County HBA Board is delighted that Doug accepted this position and looks forward to their continued working relationship with him.